The company KOUTSOGIANNIS LTD STEEL WORKSHOP was founded in 1994 by Mr Koutsogiannis and Ms Christofi and has been active in the field of mechanical engineering and repairs, emphasizing in the high quality of the products. Its founder’s experience built up of years of satisfactory collaborations in the past was a fundamental capital in the foundation and development of the company.
In 2008, the company was transformed into a Limited Liability Company.

KOUTSOGIANNIS LTD STEEL WORKSHOP is a contemporary establishment with extensive experience in machining both for standard applications and for specialized, high-end ones. Its primary object is the manufacture of machined parts for a single product as well as mass production. The experience in the field, combined with skilled personnel as well as state-of-the-art equipment, enable the construction of a wide range of products, starting from minuscule parts up to the creation of large machinery (metal parts), while the construction possibilities are constantly expanding.
The workshop’s headquarters are situated at the 6th km of Volos – Larissa National Road. They consist of a 1.450 sq.m. sheltered production area and 800 sq.m. of auxiliary spaces in a privately owned area of 11.000 sq.m.


Design – Production Planning Department

The company’s design department is one of the key departments in which the data analysis of a project and the responsible study for their implementation is carried out. The CAD – CAM design package we utilize is SIEMENS NX. There is also the capacity to copy an original piece (Reversing Engineering) in addition to drawing up mechanical designs.

The production planning of the company hinges on its customers’ demands and requirements aiming at their immediate and effective satisfaction.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machines Department

The automated machine department is comprised of 5 CNC lathes and 5 CNC machining centers.
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Conventional Machinery Department

This department is comprised of 6 conventional lathes, 1 Boring, 2 conventional milling machines, 2 conventional planers, sawmills, drills, etc.

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Welding – Editing Department

Our company is certified for the methods being applied (WPQR) and has personnel – welders certified by an approved certification body (MIRTEC S.A.). What is more, the assembly of mechanical parts is conducted in this particular department.

Quality Control and Quality Management Department

In the quality control department, the necessary controls of raw materials being used in the production process are carried out. Those materials are also accompanied by their respective quality certificates. We check the quality of the products being manufactured or repaired by our company through all stages of production, each item at a time, using the appropriate measuring equipment we own and is certified by approved bodies (QControl, MetroCal).

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We also have a Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified by an approved body (TUV NORD).


Our company’s vision is to excel and be recognized from leading European industries by manufacturing high quality products.


  • Manufacture of high quality machining products to meet the complex needs of our customers.
  • Ensuring profitable and sustainable growth, taking the market competition into account.
  • Safe construction of machine parts and accessories.
  • Creating high quality products and services for our customers.
  • Trust and confidentiality vis-à-vis our customers and suppliers.
  • Long-term relationships with our suppliers.
  • Development of human resources through further developing the skills and competencies of our employees.
  • Satisfaction, pride and reward for our employees.


  • Responsibility
    We always seek out the optimum solutions, we are committed to safety and quality and we honor our promises.
  • Teamwork
    We work as a team and produce results through team spirit and mutual respect.
  • Innovation
    We are favorably disposed towards adopting and implementing new and innovative ideas and we believe we can make a difference.
  • Honesty
    We strongly believe that honesty is the foundation of a long-lasting collaboration.
  • Code of Ethics towards customers – suppliers
    We cultivate a strong relationship of mutual trust with our customers and suppliers.


Apart from our leading position in the Greek Industry, we also have a long-standing, organized international presence in various European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia and Spain through strategic partnerships. Today, our exports account for 8% of our annual turnover, with the target of 25% -30% over the next three years.